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Please note fees are shown on a termly basis and include school meals where a pupil is in school full-time.

School fees 2014/15

For school fees for 2015/16, please click on the link in the right hand column.

Registration Fee: £170

Applicable to new students only. The non-refundable Registration Fee is paid upon submission of a completed Registration Form.


  • UK and EC citizens must pay a refundable deposit of £1,000.
  • For other overseas citizens a deposit of one term’s fees is required.
  • The deposit is payable upon acceptance of a place at the School. The deposit, or balance of the deposit, is refundable when the child leaves the School. The deposit is non-refundable if, once a place has been accepted, the child does not take up the place at Gresham's.  
  • No deposit is required for the Nursery years or Reception at the Pre-Prep.

Pre-Prep School

Year 3


Year 2


Year 1 & Reception


Nursery (full time)


Full time (per day)


Mornings only (per day)



£22.00 (per lesson)

Prep School





Learning Support

£36.00 (per lesson)


£24.00 (per lesson)

*Flexi boarding is available at the Prep School at a charge of £44 per night.

Senior School*





Learning Support and English as a Second Language

£36.00 (per lesson)


£26.00 (per lesson)

*Pupils joining the Senior School in the Sixth Form have an additional £350 supplement charged to each term's fees.

Sibling Discounts

Parents with three or more children at Gresham’s (from the same family at the same time) currently attract a sibling reduction if the youngest child is at least full-time in the Pre-Prep Reception class. The basis of this is that 10% of the relevant day fee is deducted from the fees of each child when there are three children in the Schools, whilst 25% of the relevant day fee is deducted from the fee of each child when there are four or more pupils qualifying.

Please click here to view a pdf document listing all fees, charges and discounts available.

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