November 2020
Vikings Quartet ready for life in Leicester academyNorth Norfolk News Size: 1.10Mb
School Report, October 19th, 2020Eastern Daily Press Type: PDF|Size: 4.25Mb
‘Great all-rounder’: Tribute to former headmaster, soldier and rugby playerEastern Daily Press Type: PDF|Size: 5.54Mb
Tatler Schools Guide 2021Tatler Type: PDF|Size: 0.79Mb
January 2020
Education opportunities to expand as plan for £19m Dyson building approvedEastern Daily PressSize: 1.25Mb
November 2019
OG Ben Youngs – Rugby World Cup 2019Eastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 2.01Mb
September 2019
School Captains 2019-20Eastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.32Mb
Tatler Schools GuideTatlerType: PDF|Size: 0.97Mb
July 2019
Sir James Dyson donates £19m for education centre at his former schoolEastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.62Mb
Sir James Dyson donates £19m to his old school in HoltBBC OnlineType: PDF|Size: 0.21Mb
‘An immense impact’ – Sir James Dyson donates £19m for education centre at his former schoolThe North Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.38Mb
Sir James Dyson donates £19 million to his old school in NorfolkITVType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
Sir James Dyson Donates £19mThe Daily TelegraphType: PDF|Size: 0.23Mb
Dyson’s former school hoovers up £19m giftThe TimesType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
Dyson donates £19m to his former schooli MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.20Mb
Dyson in £19m giftThe SunType: PDF|Size: 0.20Mb
April 2019
Shift in school focus may finally celebrate good workEastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.49Mb
“We’re all in it together” Gresham’s provides revision tips for parents this exam seasonBoarding Schools' Association Type: PDF|Size: 0.44Mb
First ‘Gritty Grasshopper’ takes place at Gresham’s School in Holt.Boarding Schools' Association Type: PDF|Size: 0.34Mb
The Gritty Grasshopper charity endurance raceAttain Type: PDF|Size: 0.47Mb
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe performanceEastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
March 2019
Prince Charles praises winning Norfolk pupil at awards contestNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.35Mb
February 2019
And the Oscar goes to…Eastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.32Mb
Critical ThinkingCountry & Town HouseType: PDF|Size: 0.47Mb
January 2019
WWI Memorial completeIndependent School ParentType: PDF|Size: 0.15Mb
Inventing the futureConference and common roomType: PDF|Size: 0.80Mb
The Norfolk Story of our Golden Globe star Olivia ColmanEastern Daily Press onlineType: PDF|Size: 0.63Mb
Why Olivia is the nation’s favouriteThe SunType: PDF|Size: 0.47Mb
December 2018
Students record third Christmas single to raise cash for charityNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.30Mb
Norfolk School released their third Christmas singleRadio Norwich Size: 0.48Mb
Norfolk School released their third Christmas singleNorth Norfolk RadioType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
School Report – U15 rugby squad win Norfolk County CupEastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.16Mb
Opting for meaningful conscientious or alternative Christmas giftsHeadmaster's BlogType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
School Report – GreaseEastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.32Mb
November 2018
Ones to WatchIndependent School ParentSize: 0.26Mb
School Report – WWI trenchSchool Report - Eastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.21Mb
Gresham’s fallen rememberedEastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.21Mb
Gresham’s raises £8000 for new WWI memorial to feature 15 missing namesIndependent Schools CouncilSize: 0.18Mb
Gresham’s raises £8,000 for new WWI memorial stone to feature names of 15 students and staff discovered during 4 year centenary projectEducation TodayType: PDF|Size: 0.21Mb
It’s wrong to call for culling university courses that don’t lead to higher earningsHeadmaster's BlogType: PDF|Size: 0.35Mb
Schools memorial stone includes names of 15 extra students and staffNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.20Mb
School’s memorial stone includes names of 15 extra students and staffEastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.21Mb
Gresham’s fallen rememberedNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
October 2018
Great outdoorsHeadmaster's BlogType: PDF|Size: 0.14Mb
Gresham’s School Valedictory BallEDP Norfolk MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.30Mb
Towering achievementEDP Norfolk MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.21Mb
Opening children’s eyes and ears to musicEastlife MagazineSize: 0.14Mb
September 2018
Tatler Schools Guide 2019Tatler_Schools GuideType: PDF|Size: 0.27Mb
Gresham’s SchoolCountry LifeType: PDF|Size: 0.18Mb
School HeroesSchool House MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
Gresham’s pupils celebrate GCSE results, with 92% of papers awarded A*-C GradesHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.18Mb
Gresham’s raises £8000 for new WWI memorial to feature 15 missing namesAttainType: PDF|Size: 0.46Mb
From constant curriculum reform, to a curriculum that stands the test of timeHeadmaster's BlogType: PDF|Size: 0.12Mb
A successful summer for Gresham’s Sixth FormAttainType: PDF|Size: 0.49Mb
August 2018
Gresham’s celebrates 20 years of performances at the Auden TheatreHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.22Mb
Norfolk pupils impress at their IB results dayEastern Daily PressSize: 0.10Mb
Norfolk pupils impress at their IB Diploma results dayNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.21Mb
A-level results 2018Eastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.21Mb
A successful summer for Gresham’s Sixth FormIndependent Schools CouncilType: PDF|Size: 0.39Mb
July 2018
Special guests join Gresham’s Speech DaysHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.12Mb
June 2018
An appreciation of the arts distinguishes between beauty and market economy thinkingHeadmaster's BlogType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
Profile – in conversation with Douglas RobbIndependent Schools MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.32Mb
May 2018
England rugby’s Ben and Tom Youngs thank Gresham’s “legendary” coach ahead of his retirementEastern Daily PressType: PDF|Size: 0.20Mb
England rugby’s Ben and Tom Youngs thank Gresham’s “legendary” coach ahead of his retirementNorth Norfolk NewsSize: 0.12Mb
April 2018
Millennial MythologyThe TimesType: PDF|Size: 0.19Mb
Odd socks, bracelets and a ski challenge for Gresham’s pupils supporting WDSDAttain websiteType: PDF|Size: 0.21Mb
Odd socks, bracelets and a ski challenge for Gresham’s pupils supporting WDSDIndependent Schools Council websiteType: PDF|Size: 0.22Mb
February 2018
Balancing criticism with critique, and gut reaction with deep reflectionHeadmaster's BlogType: PDF|Size: 0.26Mb
Top head’s warning to ‘snowflake’ generationDaily ExpressType: PDF|Size: 0.16Mb
January 2018
Developing grit, and a grateful attitude to workHeadmaster's BlogType: PDF|Size: 0.12Mb
Gresham’s GirlsNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.29Mb
December 2017
Games are called games for good reasonHeadmaster's BlogType: PDF|Size: 0.26Mb
Gresham’s coach takes the stage at ECB conferenceHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.19Mb
Making the learning leap: KS4 to KS5School House websiteType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
We mustn’t lose sight of upholding our right to free speechIndependent Schools CouncilType: PDF|Size: 0.23Mb
November 2017
Norfolk school’s poignant tribute to First World War fallenNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.36Mb
Notts come back for more as young Norfolk star Ben signs on againEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.18Mb
Simmons set to follow in the footsteps of Tigers starEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.27Mb
We mustn’t lose sight of upholding our right to free speechHeadmaster's BlogType: PDF|Size: 0.20Mb
October 2017
School partnerships take centre stageIndependent School ParentType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
Craig Heap speechEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.13Mb
Next generation aiming highClay Pigeon Shooting AssociationType: PDF|Size: 0.37Mb
A crowning achievementEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.10Mb
Royal role for OliviaNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.13Mb
Are English lessons caught between the emoji devil and the prescriptive grammar deep blue sea?Headmaster's BlogType: PDF|Size: 0.11Mb
Games are called games for good reasonIE Today websiteType: PDF|Size: 0.61Mb
A royal affairIndependent School ParentType: PDF|Size: 0.32Mb
September 2017
Princess Royal attends Gresham’s Speech DayNorth Norfolk PostType: PDF|Size: 0.22Mb
Gresham’s Clay Shooting StarsNorth Norfolk PostType: PDF|Size: 0.18Mb
Independent innovatorsThe WeekType: PDF|Size: 0.36Mb
School’s royal visitNorfolk Magazine October 2017Type: PDF|Size: 0.36Mb
Which qualifications provide the best preparation for university?Independent School Parent websiteType: PDF|Size: 0.19Mb
August 2017
IB or A-levels?Norfolk Magazine September 2017Type: PDF|Size: 0.39Mb
Flying High after event (Festival of Nature)Just HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.24Mb
Going Wild (Festival of Nature)Just HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.31Mb
School marks 10 years of IB Diploma ProgrammeEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.17Mb
Gresham’s Clay Shooting Club just championEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.20Mb
The future is bright for Gresham’s International Baccalaureate Diploma pupils.Holt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.41Mb
School marks 10 years of IB Diploma ProgrammeHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 1.30Mb
My beautiful life_interview with Chris BrownNorth Norfolk LivingType: PDF|Size: 0.30Mb
IB or A-Levels: The decision to shape a lifetimeInternational School Parent websiteSize: 0.16Mb
July 2017
It claims to be the only school in Norfolk to offer the programme.EDPType: PDF|Size: 0.11Mb
Gresham’s IB results 2017North Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.14Mb
Princess Anne attends Gresham’s School Speech Day in new role as school governorHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.26Mb
Princess Anne visits as she is announced as GovernorNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.41Mb
Bring your dogs to work dayEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.10Mb
June 2017
Gresham’s flying high after successful Festival of NatureHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.24Mb
Sporting Centre of ExcellenceNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.12Mb
Norfolk captain Chris Brown poised to take up key position at Gresham’s SchoolNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.32Mb
Cricket (Chris Brown)EDPType: PDF|Size: 0.18Mb
Wildlife (Festival of Nature)EDPType: PDF|Size: 0.15Mb
Flying high – Gresham’s hosts celebrations of the countrysideNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.19Mb
May 2017
Note perfect for Gresham’sNorfolk Magazine June 2017Type: PDF|Size: 0.22Mb
Gresham’s School pupil selected to join national rifle team cont.Independent LeaderType: PDF|Size: 0.21Mb
Gresham’s School pupil selected to join national rifle teamIndependent LeaderType: PDF|Size: 0.23Mb
Back to natureNorth Norfolk LivingType: PDF|Size: 0.09Mb
Opening concert held at new music schoolHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
New painting puts Sir John Gresham in the frame in Holt schoolEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.32Mb
Gresham’s heritageEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.11Mb
Opening concert held at new music schoolNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.34Mb
New painting puts Sir John Gresham in the frameNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.27Mb
March 2017
Abi is a great sportNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.15Mb
National success for Sporting Centre for Excellence teenageHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.21Mb
Gresham’s to host summer music course for aspiring young musiciansHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.17Mb
February 2017
Olivia ColmanEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.09Mb
Runaway successes at the ShowgroundEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.41Mb
Who are the greatest actors in East Anglia?EDP (My Heaven)Type: PDF|Size: 0.09Mb
January 2017
Gresham’s pupil selected to join national rifle teamHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.18Mb
School congratulates former pupil on latest award successHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.38Mb
Runaway successes at the ShowgroundEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.32Mb
Christmas parking at Gresham’s School, HoltHolt Chronicle (letters)Type: PDF|Size: 0.06Mb
Sharp-shooter has Canada in his sightsEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.28Mb
Golden start to year for ex-pupil turned TV starNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.33Mb
Girls and Sport – increasing participationHMC InsideType: PDF|Size: 0.36Mb
Golden accolade for Norfolk-born star OliviaEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.33Mb
December 2016
Praise heaped on girls’ moving songEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.27Mb
Gresham’s Girls rock, according to chart startNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.26Mb
Praise heaped on girls’ moving songEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.27Mb
Fundraising dog leads wayNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.18Mb
Fundraising dog set to publish last calendarEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.11Mb
Panto time at the AudenJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.13Mb
November 2016
Power to the PantoNorfolk magazineType: PDF|Size: 0.38Mb
Gresham’s School means businessEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.12Mb
Businesses invited to join careers fairEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.08Mb
High drama at Gresham’sNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.13Mb
Sporting chanceJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.22Mb
Launch for authorsJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.12Mb
Dr FaustusEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.07Mb
Stanley George MarriottPoppylineType: PDF|Size: 0.22Mb
Schools new centre at highest pointEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.10Mb
Sharing the successNorfolk magazineType: PDF|Size: 0.37Mb
October 2016
Olympian gives praise to new sports initiativeEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.45Mb
Ones to watch – Harry SimmonsIndependent School Parent - Nursery and Prep editionType: PDF|Size: 0.29Mb
Assault course will ‘promote enjoyment of special area’EDPType: PDF|Size: 0.14Mb
September 2016
Gresham’s teachers complete an ultra marathon challengeHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.32Mb
A tough job for teachersJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.44Mb
Sports excellence for allHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.36Mb
Ben NicholsonAngels and Urchins Schools Guide 2016/17Type: PDF|Size: 0.28Mb
Gresham’s pupils celebrate exam resultsHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.43Mb
Young sports stars’ centre gets go-aheadEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.12Mb
Better figures add up to A* performancesEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.23Mb
Gresham’s School – interview with Will Chuter, Deputy Head PastoralCambridge MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.36Mb
August 2016
Theatre offers free backstage passesEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.10Mb
International Cricket CoachIndependent School Parent - Senior editionType: PDF|Size: 0.35Mb
July 2016
Best of TasteNorfolk MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.85Mb
Gresham’s teachers go the extra mile for charityHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.43Mb
School celebrates outstanding resultsNorth Norfolk News_July 2016Type: PDF|Size: 0.09Mb
Movers and Shakers_A couple of new facesSchool House Magazine_Spring/Summer 2016Type: PDF|Size: 0.31Mb
Annual ball helps the air ambulanceEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.09Mb
School’s IB results rank among bestEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.12Mb
A taste of Norfolk at Houghton Hall proves a big successHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.45Mb
June 2016
Former England Cricket International joins Gresham’sHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.45Mb
May 2016
Widnes Schoolgirl Wins Life-Changing ScholarshipRuncorn and Widnes WorldType: PDF|Size: 0.30Mb
Sponsor a Seat at Gresham’s School’s New AuditoriumHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.15Mb
Former England Cricket International Joins GreshamsBoarding Schools AssociationType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
Ex-Cricketer is Bowled OverEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.20Mb
Sponsor a Seat at Gresham’s School’s New AuditoriumEDPSize: 0.00Mb
Ex-England Star Joins School Coaching StaffEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.06Mb
Cadets honour the fallenConnectedType: PDF|Size: 0.31Mb
Sponsorship sought for new auditoriumEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.12Mb
April 2016
School launches WW1 commemorative websiteHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.17Mb
School will remember pupil who died in battleEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.36Mb
Youngs is hopeful of England returnEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.34Mb
A new chapterNorfolk MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.37Mb
Pupils on song in school productionEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.38Mb
Kate charms crowds and then says: Next time I’ll bring WilliamEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.28Mb
Schoolboy takes lead in armed forces fundraiserEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.23Mb
Gresham’s awards scholarship to Ormiston pupilHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.17Mb
Gresham’s at war – school launches WW1 commemorative websiteBoarding Schools AssociationType: PDF|Size: 0.22Mb
Celebrations for scholarEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.10Mb
Gresham’s awards scholarship to Ormiston pupilBoarding Schools AssociationType: PDF|Size: 0.26Mb
March 2016
Gresham’s school at Holt rated excellent across the boardEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.41Mb
Youngsters defy the mudEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.13Mb
Gresham’s school excellent from start to finishHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.50Mb
February 2016
England call up for Gresham’s sixth former, Harry SimmonsBoarding Schools AssociationType: PDF|Size: 0.11Mb
England call up for Gresham’s sixth former, Harry SimmonsHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.45Mb
Gresham’s pupil raises £300 for Walking with the woundedHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.43Mb
England call up for Gresham’s sixth former, Harry SimmonsBritish Schools AssociationType: PDF|Size: 0.10Mb
A couple of new facesSchool House MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.64Mb
School snaps up actress Olivia’s doodleEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.31Mb
Schoolboy takes lead in armed forces fundraiserEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.23Mb
January 2016
Gresham’s presents cheque to Holt Rotary ClubHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.09Mb
Gresham’s gets the go ahead for significant development plansHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.36Mb
Business Breakfast Hosted at Gresham’sHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.37Mb
December 2015
School looks forward to new facilities as vision gets go-aheadEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.34Mb
Gresham’s tribute to military heroesEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.32Mb
November 2015
Puppets help teach traditions of the seaEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.28Mb
A salute to successHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.23Mb
Anne braves the shave for cancerEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.35Mb
October 2015
Simmons desperate to follow in the Youngs brothers’ footstepsEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.34Mb
September 2015
Gresham’s pupils get back to natureNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 1.08Mb
Getting it rightNorfolk MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.33Mb
August 2015
Students heading to top universitiesEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
July 2015
Housing land sale spark £8M projectsEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.29Mb
Exam successes put school amongst the world’s bestNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 1.29Mb
June 2015
Cadets and canine visit world famous flyersNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.30Mb
School’s history is town resourceNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.14Mb
May 2015
Celebrating Sir Edgar’s links to musical greatsEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.10Mb
Chorister to join National Youth TheatreEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.14Mb
Stories about school’s war heroes go global onlineNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.17Mb
April 2015
RAF Cadets raise money for Wings AppealJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.16Mb
Will designs sprayer for school projectNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.13Mb
Gresham’s awards scholarship to Ormiston scholarHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.39Mb
March 2015
Homemade cakes at cadets’ military partyNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.19Mb
Business on the breakfast menuNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.14Mb
Head’s fishing ‘offence’ nets cash for charityNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.36Mb
February 2015
Honour for choristerJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.11Mb
Festival throws the spotlight on natureJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.38Mb
5 Ones to WatchIndependent School ParentType: PDF|Size: 0.19Mb
January 2015
Chicago and Benson CalendarHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.18Mb
Charity FundraisingHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.12Mb
December 2014
Chicago show’s murder, dance – and all that jazzNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.30Mb
Students turn to role of teacher for the dayNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.14Mb
November 2014
Calendar boy Benson helps military charitiesEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.78Mb
Pupils were sent back in time to take part in war experienceEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.59Mb
October 2014
Heads on the moveIndependent School ParentType: PDF|Size: 0.27Mb
House MusicIndependent School ParentType: PDF|Size: 0.98Mb
September 2014
A Kenyon experienceSuffolk MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.52Mb
When Heroes Die – book relaunchNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 1.12Mb
August 2014
Chinese dreams for Gresham’s Head BoyEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.16Mb
Celebrations at new recordsEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.47Mb
Bumper set of A-level results for Gresham’sHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.27Mb
July 2014
Talented pupils are celebrating exam successEDPType: PDF|Size: 7.42Mb
Flower of youth whose dreams ended in tragedyEDPType: PDF|Size: 1.00Mb
School holds centenary cricket matchITVType: PDF|Size: 0.33Mb
Former Gresham’s pupils remembered in centenary cricket matchEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.62Mb
Cricket match saluted the bravery of a lost generationEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.51Mb
June 2014
Rugby stars help launch new sports pavilion at Gresham’s School in HoltEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.41Mb
BAFTA award-winning actress returns to her old stomping groundHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.30Mb
Lights, camera, action…EDPType: PDF|Size: 0.54Mb
Cadets find the target at ChampionshipsEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.36Mb
Sporting heroes attend opening of Gresham’s new sports pavilionHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.35Mb
May 2014
Bafta award-winning Olivia Colman scoops third award and pays visit to her former schoolEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.46Mb
April 2014
Gresham’s announces new headmasterHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.26Mb
Gresham’s announces new headmasterBoarding Schools AssociationType: PDF|Size: 2.45Mb
New head at helmJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.64Mb
Gresham’s scholar cuts ribbon at official openingEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.77Mb
New man at the helmNorfolk MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.55Mb
Ormiston pupil wins scholarship to Gresham’sHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.19Mb
Students very proud of their new-look academyYarmouth MercuryType: PDF|Size: 0.51Mb
March 2014
North Norfolk District Council’s Deputy Leader wins awardJust RegionalType: PDF|Size: 0.28Mb
Homes plan for Gresham’s School land in HoltEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.41Mb
Revving up for the return of gentle comedyEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.58Mb
Six shooters chasing international honoursEDPType: PDF|Size: 1.49Mb
Flashmob on song to help youth projectEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.56Mb
February 2014
Norfolk-born James Dyson invests in robot futureEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.12Mb
A series of damaging admissionsThe TelegraphType: PDF|Size: 0.57Mb
Rotary club of Holt and DistrictHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.17Mb
Choristers and choir success: ‘It’s music to their ears’Just HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.58Mb
Holt’s Huge Howl needs you!Holt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.31Mb
January 2014
Photograph sparks memories of a pocket money-sized carEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.60Mb
Holt’s four legged pin up star raises £1,000 with charity calendarNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.19Mb
Calendar star Benson’s paws for celebrationEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.17Mb
Calendar FundraisingHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.54Mb
School’s £12,000 boost for charityJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.51Mb
Trio are fired up for trip to CanadaNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 1.14Mb
December 2013
Celebration for BrittenJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.60Mb
Benjamin Britten manuscript returns to Gresham’sBBCType: PDF|Size: 0.22Mb
Norfolk Hospice gets £12,000 boost from Gresham’sEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.26Mb
England call-up for hard-working ace!EDPType: PDF|Size: 0.53Mb
England Hockey selection for Norfolk pupilHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.32Mb
Original Britten score returns to his schoolHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.40Mb
Britten CelebrationsNorfolk MagazineType: PDF|Size: 0.99Mb
November 2013
Composer’s life seen through cousin’s eyesEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.50Mb
Sculpture at home in woodland settingEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.29Mb
Major outdoor sculpture exhibition in HoltHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.55Mb
Show celebrates the school days of composerEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.52Mb
‘Tarantula’s Web’ shortlisted for literary awardEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.52Mb
Diaries inspire show about composer’s lifeNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.48Mb
Youngs roars to top county title awardNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.57Mb
Prince Harry among fans of Holt’s four-legged pin up starEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.78Mb
Boyhood home of Britten to host pop-up museumEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.41Mb
Celebration of Britten by historic choirEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.43Mb
Benjamin Britten celebrations come to an end in HoltEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.29Mb
Students set for mystery opera with Britten twistEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.61Mb
October 2013
Science and Engineering boost for Sixth FormersNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.18Mb
Gresham’s lends a hand to local charity North Norfolk Young CarersHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.61Mb
Gresham’s lends a handJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.50Mb
Charity fashion showNorfolk MagazineType: PDF|Size: 1.24Mb
Sea rescue award winner says he was just doing his jobEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.49Mb
A composer worthy of the fanfareEDPType: PDF|Size: 1.07Mb
New season for classical music celebrationsNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.34Mb
September 2013
Teenage lifeguard Max on shortlist for Stars of Norfolk awardsEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.46Mb
Overture to a promising futureThe TelegraphType: PDF|Size: 0.26Mb
British Boarding Schools pupil profileBritish Boarding SchoolsType: PDF|Size: 0.17Mb
Actress Olivia in step to help Dementia charityEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.50Mb
Worn To Be WildHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.60Mb
Gresham’s School Sixth Form plansEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.41Mb
Family tales of ‘Uncle Ben’ the composerHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.52Mb
August 2013
Pleasant surprise for Holt playersNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.57Mb
A-level results: Mum’s pride at Callum’s successEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.56Mb
A-level results: Smiles all round as delighted students collect top resultsEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.56Mb
GCSE Results: Gresham’s student Will Jones proves hard work pays offNorwich Evening NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
GCSE Results: Hard work pays offEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.46Mb
Dad and daughter saved from lethal ripEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.53Mb
Gresham’s students celebrate A-level resultsHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.59Mb
Lions pair give Holt a handEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.53Mb
Shopping for secret of HoltEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.53Mb
July 2013
Great Gatsby style at Gresham’s Leavers’ BallEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.25Mb
BAFTA-winning actress Olivia Colman returns to Gresham’s for “scary” role in Speech DayEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.38Mb
Former Gresham’s Headmaster Logie Bruce-Lockhart publishes his memoirsNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 1.19Mb
Benjamin Britten’s picturesque backyardThe TelegraphType: PDF|Size: 0.94Mb
Farewell ball has Gatsby glamourNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 2.86Mb
Gresham’s seeks views on revised development plansEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.39Mb
Youngsters get back to natureJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.58Mb
Sixth Form proposals on show to publicJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.55Mb
Tapping into their potentialTown & CountryType: PDF|Size: 0.44Mb
Boys in the saddle to helpJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.55Mb
Operatic celebrations for Britten Centenary in South CreakeLynn NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.26Mb
The Amakuru TrustHolt ChronicleType: PDF|Size: 0.55Mb
Students’ successesEDPType: PDF|Size: 1.00Mb
Gresham’s School claim Shield and Meltis CupEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.60Mb
Boys are back in town after successJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.52Mb
Prize day for pupilsJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.59Mb
June 2013
Speculation over new Dr WhoEDPType: PDF|Size: 0.74Mb
BAFTA winner’s early daysJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.52Mb
Anyone for tennis? Now’s your chanceJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.59Mb
Students’ 400 mile ride for hospiceNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 0.89Mb
Britten Pears reviewEDPType: PDF|Size: 1.26Mb
New tennis club at HoltNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 1.03Mb
Classical recital gets an encoreNorth Norfolk NewsType: PDF|Size: 1.68Mb
New tennis club at HoltJust HoltType: PDF|Size: 0.59Mb