Nursery & Pre-Prep

Term dates may be subject to change, therefore please always check the website calendar regularly and/or check with the School Secretary (

Michaelmas Term 2019

Beginning of Term 8.55amMonday, 2nd September
Half Term4.00pmFriday, 18th October
Beginning of Term8.55amMonday, 4th November
End of Term12.00 noonTuesday, 10th December

Lent Term 2020

Day pupils return8.55amMonday, 6th January
Half Term4.00pmFriday, 14th February
Term starts8.55amMonday, 24th February
End of Term4.00pmFriday, 27th March

Summer Term 2020

Beginning of Term8.55amMonday, 20th April
Half Term4.00pmFriday, 22nd May
Term starts8.55amMonday, 1st June
End of TermStaggered pick up timeThursday, 2nd July
Virtual Speech DayAs allocatedSaturday, 4th July

Michaelmas Term 2020

Staff INSETAll dayWednesday, 2nd September
Staff INSETAll dayThursday, 3rd September
Staff INSETAll dayFriday, 4th September
Transition Sessions - All Pre-Prep children10.00am - 11.00amFriday, 4th September
Start of Term8.55amMonday, 7th September
Half Term 4.00pmFriday, 16th October
8.55amMonday, 2nd November
End of Term12.00pmTuesday, 15th December

Lent Term 2021

Staff INSETAll dayFriday, 8th January
Start of Term8.55amMonday, 11th January
Half Term4.00pmFriday, 12th February
8.55amMonday, 22nd February
End of Term4.00pmFriday, 26th March

Summer Term 2021

Staff INSETAll dayThursday, 15th April
Staff INSETAll dayFriday, 16th April
Start of Term8.55amMonday, 19th April
Half Term4.00pmFriday, 28th May
8.55amMonday, 7th June
End of Term and Speech Day3.00pmThursday, 1st July