Forces Families

If you are entitled to claim the Forces’ Boarding Schools Allowance – Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) – you will be pleased to know that our school is on the approved list.

The allowance is for children who start in the school year in which they turn 8 years old, up to when they turn 18/19 years old.

Please note – Although our schools is on the list that qualify for the Allowance, there is no guarantee you will receive CEA. If you register your child with us and do not get CEA entitlement, we will refund the £170 registration charge in full.

“Good choice for those looking for a broader educational experience.”

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Forces fees after CEA allowance

Families in receipt of the CEA may apply for a reduction in fees of 20%.

Further information

Children’s Education Advisory Service MOD

CEA rates