Children entering Year 9  will be invited for lunch with their families on the Sunday before the start of the Michaelmas term.

The day is designed to help new pupils settle into their boarding houses, for day pupils to learn the geography of Gresham’s, and for all to receive their timetables. A special service of entrustment is held in the school chapel at which pupils will be formally welcomed into their designated houses and into the care of the school. The first morning of term-proper, usually the Monday morning, is also given over to Induction, to help pupils settle in, to meet key staff and to confirm access to the school intranet, amongst other tasks. The Induction process certainly lasts all week, until every pupil feels happy and comfortable at school, and able to start making a contribution to school life. Pupils are guided every step of the way by House staff and academic tutors.

Sixth Form

At Sixth Form pupils will be introduced to the school at the start of term where they will learn all about Sixth Form life, including the considerable co-curricular opportunities available to them. They spend time in their new tutor groups including undertaking team building exercises.  Current Sixth Formers also come to speak about what life is like at the school as well as talks from the inspiring Australian study skills company, Elevate Education.

Overseas Pupils

At Gresham’s we feel that it is very important for our new overseas pupils to settle in as quickly as possible.

It is for this reason that we have a whole school induction programme.  This programme involves a series of social and practical tasks which we hope will help pupils make friends quickly and help to make their day to day living run smoothly. Pupils spend the first morning of the academic year based with their academic tutor who then guides them through the activities available.

The programme is run by our Overseas Pupils’ Coordinator in conjunction with the heads of lower school and sixth form and includes the following aspects:

  • Talks by a number of key staff on boarding, academic and social matters.
  • An introduction to the library and study skills.
  • Assistance with opening new bank accounts and with getting set up on a UK mobile telephone network.
  • Activity/music lesson/sport sign up sessions.

New Pupil and Parent Guides

Please download a copy of our guides for new pupils and parents which explains more about life at the school for those joining in 2020/21.

Senior School Pupil Guide 2020-21

Senior School Parent Guide 2020-21