Sixth Form

Awards Available

  • Academic
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Sport

Art, Drama, Music, or Sport Scholarships may be held alone or in conjunction with an Academic Scholarship.

All scholarships attract a discount of up to 20% of the school fees.

The deadline for scholarship applications for entry in September 2019 is Friday 12th October 2018.
Deadline for Sixth Form bursary applications: Friday 5th October 2018
Scholarship Assessment morning:                    Saturday 10th November 2018

For further information and a registration form contact Admissions at or on 01263 714614.

Sixth Form Scholarship Information Booklet 2017-18


Assessment for Academic Scholarships is by university style interviews. Interviews will be held with a member of the department for the three subjects which have been indicated as preferences for A level or IB Higher Level. Interviews will focus on thinking skills and academic potential.

A written reference and predicted GCSE grades from the candidate’s current school will also be taken into consideration. Candidates must provide a written CV as part of a scholarship application.


Candidates for a Sport Scholarship are likely to be of County/Regional standard and should demonstrate ability in the major games played at Gresham’s (rugby, hockey, netball, cricket, tennis and athletics); they may also possess the potential to reach national standards in their chosen sport.  Prowess in other sports will also be taken into consideration.

Sport Scholars will be expected to take a leading role in the sporting life of the School and to compete for Gresham’s throughout the year.

Candidates will be assessed playing for their existing club or school by the Sports Development Director or the relevant member of Gresham’s sport staff prior to the interview date. A fixture list or calendar must be provided in advance.

Applicants must also provide a reference from their present school and a scholarship CV, including their future ambitions.  A full Record of Achievement of their sporting activities over the last two years, both in and out of school, will be required. Candidates must provide at least two references from sports coaches.

The Arts


Selection of Art Scholars will be by an interview with the Head of Art and an inspection of candidates’ portfolios.  There must be examples of variety in the use of materials and methods and clear evidence of strong observational drawing skills. Three dimensional work, whether fine art, or craft based may be included.  Photographs of such work can be submitted as a substitute for larger 3D pieces.  Sketchbooks form a very important part of a portfolio and are encouraged.

In an interview candidates will be expected to present and explain their work. Evidence of work undertaken independently, outside of school work, will be of particular interest. As part of their interview candidates will be asked to talk about a contemporary artist whose work they admire and why.

Art scholars will be expected to make a wholehearted contribution to the visual arts at Gresham’s and will continue their studies to A Level or choose Visual Arts in Group 6 for IB Diploma students.


Selection of Music Scholars will be by audition and interview with a panel of the full time members of the music staff.  Candidates will be expected to play on two instruments (the voice may count as one) and credit will be given if a third is offered.  There will be tests in musicianship skills and a viva voce will be given.  The expected standard on the first study instrument should be Grade VIII Associated Board.  Candidates should prepare two contrasting pieces to present on each of their chosen instruments.

Music Scholars will be expected to contribute fully to the musical life of the School throughout their time at Gresham’s and would usually be expected to pursue Music as a subject in the Sixth Form.

For further information about additional music scholarships available, click on the link below.





Music Scholarship leaflet


Candidates should provide a reference/report, preferably from their current Head of Drama. This must be received by Gresham’s School at least seven days before the day of the evaluation. The audition process at Gresham’s will consist of three elements:

  • Participation in a drama workshop session where co-operative and theatrical skills will be assessed.
  • The performance of a monologue Applicants should prepare a monologue to be performed as part of the audition process.  It should be learnt and should be approximately two minutes in length.
  • An interview with the Director of Drama. Candidates will be expected to discuss their own experience of Theatre and Drama. Evidence of Drama and Theatre experiences undertaken independently, outside of school, will be of particular interest. As part of their interview candidates will be asked to talk about recent productions seen and an actor or company whose work they admire and explain why.

Drama Scholars are usually expected to study this subject at A level or for the IB Diploma. Scholars must take a full part in the School’s Drama programme.