Year 7 Scholarships

Year 7 Scholarships – Gresham’s Prep School through to Gresham’s Senior School

Academic, Art, Music, Drama and Performing Arts and Sport Scholarships are available for entry into Year 7. These scholarships are available to children currently at Gresham’s Prep School and to children applying from other schools.

Academic, Art, Drama and Performing Arts, Music and Sport Scholarships are worth up to 10% of the fees.

Assessment takes place in the January preceding entrance to Year 7.  All candidates are assessed in Mathematics, English and Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning and take part in group activities. Those applying for an academic scholarship take additional Mathematics and English papers. Those applying for scholarships in Art, Music, Drama and Performing Arts and Sport take part in relevant assessment activities. Candidates’ parents are requested to complete an application form which gives the opportunity to list the child’s achievements to date. The candidate’s current school will be contacted for a reference.

The dates for our coming assessments are Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd January 2021.

For queries regarding Year 7 admissions, please contact Ellie Sadler, Head’s PA at or 01263 714600.

Terms and Conditions of Year 7 Scholarships

  • Year 7 Scholarships are awarded for 7 years of a Gresham’s education; however, as a matter of course, scholarship winners must sit for the appropriate Gresham’s Senior School Scholarship in Year 8. A Senior School Scholarship may not be awarded but the financial commitment will remain.
  • All award holders are expected to be conscientious and cooperative members of the school and to be leaders in the field for which they have been awarded a scholarship. Scholarships can be removed in the event of this not being the case.
  • Financial awards are only given for one scholarship per child.  Additional awards are honorary.
  • If a Gresham’s Senior School Scholarship is won in any discipline its financial value replaces that of the Year 7 Scholarship.
  • Scholarship winners who are children of staff members are awarded honorary scholarships.
  • All financial matters concerning scholarships and bursaries are confidential to the school and the parents of the award winner.