Year 9

Scholarships available

  • Academic
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Scholarship from African Schools (an all-round award)

Academic Scholarships are worth up to 50% of the fee. All other scholarships are worth up to to 20% of the fee.

The deadline for Year 9 Scholarship applications for entry in September 2019 is Friday 16th November 2018.

Please find below a scholarship information pack.  If you wish to apply for a scholarship, please request a scholarship application form from or telephone 01263 714614.

Academic Scholarships

Candidates will be assessed in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.  In the Science assessment there will be a practical element.

There will be further assessments in the form of a General Paper, which will explore logical as well as independent thinking, and a group speaking exercise, which will incorporate aspects of debating, public speaking and teamwork.  The General Paper contains a series of multiple choice questions which will explore logic, verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning. There will be an extended writing task which will offer the opportunity for candidates to explore their views and demonstrate a logical argument.

The candidates will be interviewed by the Headmaster Deputy Head (Academic).

A reference from the candidate’s current school will also be taken into consideration.

For external candidates, the Academic Scholarship papers also serve as examinations for entry to Gresham’s.

Please use the links below to view sample papers.

Year 9 English Scholarship Paper Sample
Year 9 Maths Scholarship Paper Sample 1
Year 9 Maths Scholarship Paper Sample 2
Year 9 General Scholarship Paper Sample 1
Year 9 General Scholarship Paper Sample 2

Music Scholarships

The selection of music scholars is by audition and interview with a panel of music staff.  At the audition candidates will be asked to perform two contrasting pieces on their principal instrument, which may include voice, and one on another instrument.  Their first instrument should be approximately Grade V, although it is not necessary to have taken the Associated Board exam.  An experienced accompanist will be available.  Ability on a second instrument (or voice) is usual but not mandatory.  In selecting music for performance it is worth bearing in mind that a virtuoso or ostentatious piece is not always the best way for candidates to display their skill.

Each candidate will be given sight-reading tests and a short series of aural tests.  It is anticipated that applicants will have a working knowledge of music theory. Gresham’s would be interested to see any compositions or special music projects candidates may be working on and these should be brought in the day, although there is no requirement for candidates to bring these.

Candidates must supply a scholarship CV. A reference from the Head of the candidate’s school and Head of Music will also be taken into consideration.

Successful Music Scholars will also benefit from 30 free music lessons per instrument for a maximum of two instruments per year in addition to a fee reduction of up to 20%.

For further information about additional music scholarships available, click on the link below.

Music Scholarship leaflet

Sport Scholarships

Candidates are expected to have an all-round ability in the major games played at Gresham’s (rugby, hockey, cricket, netball, tennis, athletics). A successful candidate will also be expected to have played at county or regional level or an equivalent and be able to perform very well in exercises which demonstrate skills and coordination.  Applicants are expected to have a good level of physical fitness.

The format of assessment for Sport Scholarships will be as follows:

  • During the course of the proceeding term, candidates will be observed performing for their existing club or school by the Sports Development Director or the relevant member of Gresham’s sports staff prior to the practical assessment date. It is essential that a fixture list or calendar be provided in advance.  Please contact the Sports Development Director, Mr Steve Adams
  • Practical assessment will focus on general fitness, skills and co-ordination tasks.

A CV outlining the candidate’s sporting achievements should be provided, and references from coaches of sport from the current school will also form part of the assessment process.

They will be expected to be fully committed to the sporting environment of the School and to represent Gresham’s throughout the school year.

Art Scholarships

The selection of art scholars will be by an interview with the Head of Art, and will include an inspection of the candidates’ portfolios and an observational drawing task.  Portfolios should show evidence of a genuine passion for art.  Successful candidates are likely to bring evidence of experimentation and investigation across a variety of media and have strong observational drawing skills.  Three-dimensional or very large-scale work may be included and may be represented in photographs.  Busy, personal sketchbooks that show evidence of work undertaken independently, outside of school, will be of particular interest. As part of their interview candidates will be asked about a contemporary artist whose work they admire.

Candidates must supply a scholarship CV. A reference from the Head of the candidate’s school and Head of Art will also be taken into consideration.

Award holders would usually be expected to take GCSE Art and to take full part in the co-curricular art programme of the school.

Drama Scholarships

Candidates will be assessed in three areas:

The first part of the day will look at candidates participation in a group workshop.  Candidates will be assessed on their co-operative, theatrical and improvisation skills through a series of games, exercises and tasks.

Candidates will then be required to perform individually in a performance of a monologue or performance of a musical theatre number lasting approximately two minutes. This is an opportunity for the individual student to prepare a piece in advance that plays to their strengths and demonstrates their ability to communicate with an audience.

After the performance candidates will be interviewed by a member of the Drama Department (interviews may be recorded).  In the interview candidates will have the opportunity to share theatrical interests and discuss performances they have seen or participated in.

Candidates must supply a scholarship CV which lists productions the candidate has taken part in, including the role(s) played and any other drama experiences e.g. LAMDA Speech, membership of a drama club and society.

References from the Head of the candidate’s school, Head of Drama and any drama clubs (where relevant) will also be taken into consideration.

A pupil who is awarded a drama scholarship at Year 9 will be expected to take GCSE Drama (and usually A-level Theatre Studies or IB Theatre) and to take full part in the theatrical life at Gresham’s.

The African Scholarship

The African Scholarship recognises all-round ability. It is intended to identify pupils who will contribute exceptionally to the overall life of the school.  Successful scholars will have major co-curricular strengths comparable, if not equal to, scholarship standard. Candidates will also be expected to demonstrate leadership qualities and potential.

In order to be eligible for this award, the candidate and their immediate family must currently be resident in Africa and the candidate must be attending an African school.

Candidates will sit Gresham’s academic scholarship papers during the scholarship assessment week. Candidates must also be entered for at least one scholarship assessment from either Art, Music, Drama or Sport. Please refer to the relevant dates and criteria for Art, Music, Drama and Sport.

Candidates must supply a scholarship CV. A reference from the candidate’s current school will also be taken into consideration.

Example Scholarship CV