Pupils have experienced a diverse range of subjects during Academic Enrichment Talks this half term

Sixth Form pupils have experienced a diverse range of subjects for the Academic Enrichment Talks to expand subject classroom learning and knowledge, challenge thinking and create discussion.

For the last two talks of term we welcomed two guest speakers.

The first was Dipi McKernan. Dipi works in Financial Services for Fidelity Holdings Ltd. in London. She gave pupils an insight on how to succeed and talked about opportunities in the finance services sector, but her key message was to share how the financial services industry have had to adapt their culture to deal with recent changes in the world, including diversity and inclusion, dynamic working and sustainability. Dipi showcased that financial services are pushing forward with ESG (environmental, social, governance).

Find out more about Dipi McKernan by clicking here.

the second was Bob Goodson, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, user interface designer, and an early pioneer of social media. Bob shared practical tools and inspiration for career and education decisions in any field with examples from his own journey.

Read more about Bob Goodson by clicking here.

The final talk was with Emma Cole. Emma spoke to the L6th honestly and with humour during her ‘Positive Voice’ talk. She talked about being diagnosed HIV positive as a young heterosexual woman in the early 1990s and how treatment has progressed as a ‘long term survivor’ (31 years), but possibly not the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS. Her thought provoking talk led to questions as her annual visits always do.

Drama & Careers visit to Thursford Christmas Extravaganza

The Cushing Family kindly gave tickets for drama sixth form pupils and staff to attend the show.  This was a superb opportunity for pupils to gain an insight into a large scale production involving performers, choreography, costume, staging, lighting, live music and all the roles and expertise required.

Weekend Chapel Services this half term

Our main weekend Chapel services here at Gresham’s are always engaging and special. In the past two weeks the Senior School has enjoyed spellbinding performances of beautiful Advent music for our choir; World Cup related footballing fun drawing out the importance of hope; and a student led Q and A session with Jerome Mayhew MP, who suggested that faith helps to gives him a sense of perspective in parliament.

Christmas Tree Festival 2022

We are currently holding our third annual Christmas Tree Festival. The school Chapel has been filled with over forty beautiful Christmas Trees, all lovingly festooned by members of the school community. Every pupil from all three schools has helped to decorate a tree, with the catering and support staff also joining in on the fun. All of this will help to create a special atmosphere and environment for the Christmas celebrations, carol services and events in the coming weeks.

At this time of year, the school’s Chapel have always collected donations for a variety of good causes. This year, the Christmas Tree Festival is raising money for the school’s charity partner, Holt Youth Project. The charity exists to provide a safe environment for young people to meet and socialise with the minimum of supervision, which builds their social communication skills and promotes ownership. The centre is a place where young people have opportunities that empower them to reach their goals and aspirations, through various programmes and activities. If you would like to donate to the Christmas Tree Festival you can do so on the Just Giving page by clicking here.

The festival is open to visitors during the special Festival Open Afternoon, which is taking place on Saturday 10th December, 1 – 4pm.

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Gresham’s School holds Christmas Tree Festival to raise money for Holt Youth Project


Fundraiser for Holt Youth Project at Gresham’s School chapel


Fundraiser for Holt Youth Project at Gresham’s School chapel

Oddballs held talk for Sixth Form pupils to raise awarenesss of testicular cancer

Earlier this month, The Oddballs Foundation visited the school to give a talk to our Sixth Form pupils about testicular cancer. The talk concerned the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer, also with the resounding message to talk and support each other. Pupils were also informed of the work that Oddballs does as a charity and the support it provides to those affected by testicular cancer.

Pupils progress through Norfolk round of ESU Public Speaking competition

Congratulations to Cerys D (O), Eva O’D (O), and Zinnia-Claire B (O), who have progressed through the Norfolk round of the English-Speaking Union Churchill Public Speaking Competition. Well done to the second team too, Pablo B-G (F), who spoke brilliantly as Speaker, and came in as a late substitute along with James C (F) and Pullo W (T) as Questioner and Chair, and also to Maddi W (E) for supporting the team.

This is the first time the School have competed in this competition, certainly in recent years, so well done to both teams.

Year 1 trip to Langham Glass

Year 1 had a fantastic trip to Langham Glass. Pupils watched some amazing glass making demonstrations, had a go at colouring glass and also made their own tea light holder to take home. Mrs Archer even blew a big glass bubble which the pupils enjoyed smashing! It was very exciting and Year 1 loved their tea light holders.


Careers and the STEAM coordinator worked together to produce STEAM Week. It was a busy week with speakers, workshops, a Chapel talk, virtual Maths Challenge with F1 McLaren and a STEAM Careers Fair with 40 exhibitors including Lotus Cars, The Dyson Institute, the Armed Forces, the Quadram Institute and more.
The Sixth form Academic Enrichment talk was with Zoe Griffiths, from Think Maths https://think-maths.co.uk/ who gave a interactive talk on the Hidden Maths of Technology.
On Tuesday Zoe did a sequence of four Maths workshops on ‘Shapes and Smoke Rings’ which were attended in separate sessions for year 11, year 10, year 7 and outreached to pupils from Sheringham High School and Cromer Academy.
On Wednesday Blakely Clothing gave a Chapel talk to illustrate how the creative industry is part of STEAM, embracing design, manufacture, creativity, technology, logistics and sustainability.
Later on Wednesday F1 McLaren Aerodynamicist, OG Kunz Chow (W 2009 – 13) together with the F1 McLaren outreach team did a virtual maths and science challenge to show pupils how curriculum learning and mathematical theory is used with performance analysis. The pupils were given a challenge involving use of algebra, calculus, pie and trigonometry.
The STEAM Careers Fair celebrated and showcased a diverse variety of STEAM employment with 40 exhibitors representing Creativity, Design, Art, Engineering, Property, the Armed Forces, Software Engineering, Technology Design, Science, Agriculture, the Environment and Space.
All year 9-13 pupils attended with external schools bringing pupils from Alderman Peel High School, Aylsham High School, Sheringham High School and Cromer Academy.
Prep School pupils from years 7 & 8 attended and Parents were invited.
The learning outcome was for pupils to link STEAM subject learning to employment by finding out from exhibitors what their role is, how they got to where they are now and what skills and opportunities employers offer.



Gresham’s School welcomes employers to Dyson Building for STEAM Careers Fair

House Music 2022

Friday 14 October was the date in the diary this term for that most fiercely contested of competitions – House Music 2022.  For any new pupils who had witnessed the build-up and may have been wondering exactly what the fuss was all about, all was about to be revealed.
Mezzo-Soprano Laura Wright, no stranger to performing at high profile events such as International sports events, and performing for Royalty was in the hot seat as Judge.  
Instrumental showcased an eclectic mix of pieces and musical skills to an already packed Sports Hall.  Tallis, with their rendition of Stevie Wonder’s I Wish, were crowned winners but the overall scores not read out. The overall winner would not be revealed until the end of the evening. After a quick tea break, it was back in the Hall for Part Song.  More audience had arrived and once again the Houses went head to head with a variety of songs to best show off their singers. It was the turn of one of the girls’ Houses to claim victory and Oakeley were delighted to win with Kate Bush’s Running up that Hill.  As with Instrumental Laura gave a summing up.
Parents headed off to Big School to enjoy refreshments and the pupils headed back to House for refuelling and last minute unison rehearsals and to change into their costumes. With hardly an empty seat in the Hall, Oakeley took their place on stage to start the Unison element of the competition. It was apt they sang The Greatest Show – the day was certainly producing some spectacular performances. Farfield concluded the Unison performances and all eyes turned to Laura on stage for her feedback and final summing up of the competition.  
After what seemed an age, the waiting was over and Mrs Wolfe returned to the stage with Laura to award the cups. Tallis and Oakeley proudly received their cups and Farfield were victorious in Unison with Get Down on it/You should be Dancing. And the overall winner was… Oakeley!
Our thanks must go to Laura for judging, to the Ground and Technical staff for creating a Concert Hall out of a Sports Hall, to the Music Department and House Staff for helping where necessary, but bravo to the pupils, who once again, showed that music runs through the very veins of Gresham’s.


Part Song:


CCF activities this half term

Cadets have again enjoyed a varied training programme over the term, focusing on completing elements of their basic and advanced syllabus. All cadets have done teamwork activities and some drill, in preparation for the Remembrance parades. In addition the Army Section cadets have been instructed in the use of the cadet weapon systems and infantry skills, RAF cadets have used their flight simulator and Navy cadets have had time ‘afloat’ in the school pool. RAF cadets have also been gliding and enjoyed a STEM day at RAF Marham. Senior cadets have enhanced their leadership and instructional skills with some yr11 cadets successfully completing a junior leadership course during the half term break. Remembrance Day saw senior NCOs lay wreathes in the chapel at 11am on the 11th November while the whole contingent had a moments reflection, accompanied by apposite music from the CCF band, in the afternoon. Looking ahead there is already much excitement about the Adventure Training camp for summer 2023, as well as other AT events in the Lent and Summer terms. The contingent is busy!

STEAM news this half term

The Dyson building has seen even more collaboration between departments at the start of this academic year. Art, Science, Computing and Maths have all joined forces to deliver some spectacular GAP’s STEAM activities. Students have begun many projects including; an interactive conductive paint wall, bath bomb making, satellite tracking systems, VEX and Lego robotics, F24 electric cars, 3D printing, Electronics and the processes of architecture.

The VEX robotic teams are preparing for regional competitions in January for the ‘Spin up’ challenge this year. The Lego robotics teams are preparing their Sumo bots for a robotics competition in Estonia next year.

From January we will welcome over 600 students from 36 Norfolk primary schools, who will take part in the STEAM Outreach Competition that was highly successful last year.

Any questions please email [email protected]