Baptism and Confirmation Service in Chapel 

The annual Service of Confirmation was held at the School Chapel on Sunday 20th March. The Service was officiated by the Rt Reverend Dr Jane Steen, the Bishop of Lynn. 

This special and moving occasion involved a large number of staff and pupils. Angus B, Raphael C, Sebastian C, Charles C, Clare C, Lucy C, Margaethe G, Jack H, James H, James H, Jane M, Jack K, Arthur L, William M, Freddie N, Jack R, Fergus R, Hector R, Mila S, Sofia S, Clementine T, Toby W and Joe W were all confirmed into full membership of the Church. 

As part of the Confirmation Service the Bishop of Lynn gave each of the candidates a hazel tree to plant as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy Jubilee Project. This was also a nod to Mother Julian of Norwich, the 14th century mystic, who reflected on the glory of God as she held a hazelnut in the palm of her hand. We also have trees that are planted at the Prep School, and the Senior School, so we can all watch them grow and flourish over the coming years alongside the young people themselves.