Big plans for Team Eco to create environmental change

Recently, Team Eco have started the journey to become an international Green Flag Award Eco-School. The programme is designed to raise environmental awareness among young people and is part of the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy; we are now part of this global community working to create environmental change for the benefit of future generations.

Team Eco is student led, raising environmental awareness within the student body to improve the School environment and beyond. The Eco-Schools programme focuses on ten important global issues: Biodiversity, Energy, Global Citizenship, Healthy Living, Litter, Marine, School Grounds, Transport, Waste, and Water.

Every school taking part in the Eco-Schools programme follows the same simple Seven Step framework that takes schools between one and two academic years to complete. We would love to complete this is one year! After achieving our first Green Flag, our school can continue in the programme to gain multiple Green Flags. One of the most exciting things about the programme is that the process is designed to engage a whole school and its wider community, which is why we wanted to inform you about our participation.

The latest additions to the Senior site are dry mixed recycling bins, designed for paper, cardboard, cans, clear colourless plastic and glass only.