Cadets are able to enjoy CCF training outside once again

The CCF was delighted to return to in-person training for the last few weeks of the term, getting straight back to activities as soon as the school site reopened. Their online exercises had prepared Year 10 cadets for their basic proficiency assessments and Year 11 were ready for their junior leadership courses, so they could launch straight into these tasks on return. The Year 12 cadets had already been mentoring the junior cadets, so stepping into direct instructional roles was a natural progression. In the space of just three weeks, cadets have been involved in weapons training, first aid, fieldcraft, pool kayaking, survival skills and command & teamwork tasks.

Looking ahead, new Year 9 recruits will join a newly reworked tri-service programme for the summer term and the summer field days will be packed with opportunities to catch up on activities missed earlier in the year. The CCF’s activity days at the start of the summer holiday are already highly subscribed and will be an excellent chance to enjoy some of the newly developed shooting and adventure training facilities on-site.