Careers Department have a proactive Michaelmas Term

It has been a proactive Michaelmas Term in the Careers Department, previously known as the Futures Department.

Mrs Osborne has:

  • visited the Houses and spoken to all year groups, to introduce and raise the profile of careers, to show them where the office is (upstairs in the Library) and let them know what information, advice, and guidance the department can offer.  This has gone really well and resulted in lots of pupils having 1-1 career interviews to assist with subject choice at GCSE, A level and post Sixth Form.
  • worked closely with the UCAS and IB coordinators, organising talks for current L6th pupils on Teams on Going to University; GAP year programmes; Apprenticeship opportunities. Further talks in January will cover International University, USA University & International Business Management degrees.
  • Given PSHE Careers lessons to Y11s and Y10s using the Careers platform, UniFrog, to help pupils with information on subjects, careers, building their CV and the bigger picture of study post sixth form and the employment sector.
  • Organised Teams call with OGs to inspire and help current sixth formers with subject choices and further learning pathways.

She is also currently helping U6th pupils interested in applying for higher level and degree apprenticeship opportunities.

For the Lent Term, students can look forward to virtual career bite talks with speakers from a variety of employment areas, open to Year 9 students upwards; careers speed dating networking for Year 9 & Year 10; virtual careers fair for Year 11 and hopefully a business breakfast for sixth formers.

If you would like a careers appointment please email Mrs Osborne at [email protected]