Careers work with OGs to provide online careers talks

Our Careers department have benefitted from the fantastic support of Old Greshamians who have given insightful and informative careers talks. These talks were all online and it was great to welcome back the following OGs:

  • Joff Beckett, OG – CEO Burgess Yachts
  • Hannah Farndon OG – British Psychological Society. Hannah is Policy Advisor for Professional Practice at the BPS.
  • Sophie Jewry OG – Marketing & Branding
  • Nick Chesworth OG – Director, River Media Partners
  • Sam Matthews OG – Investment Manager, Barratt & Cooke
  • Pascal Dalton OG – Senior Vice President Licensing – ITV Studios

All speakers have been so keen to help current pupils with information and work experience which is valuable to pupils when they are deciding what they would like to do after completing their education.

The department have also been helping Sixth Form pupils to use the careers platform UniFrog. Parents of our pupils can sign up by clicking here and using the form code parentsgresham to help with sourcing Apprenticeships, ‘Gappie’ opportunities, work experience, summer jobs and 1-1 guidance meetings for their children.

Pupils also have access to the InvestIN programme which offers work experience with top employers. As Gresham’s School is an InvestIN Partner School, students have access to a 10% discount across any of the programmes using the code GRESHAMS10 at the payment page.

For careers information or to organise an online meeting please contact Mrs Osborne at [email protected]