CCF adopt creative programme to continue training

The CCF has once again switched to its creative programme while the cadets are not onsite to train. Year 10 have continued to follow their Navy, Army or RAF proficiency syllabus with the provision of resources and activities to complete wherever they may be. Activities include quizzes, information sheets and scenarios produced by Flt Lt Clarke, Sub Lt Roberts, Lt Grounds & Liberman, as well as practical tasks designed to give them a break from the computer screen.

Year 11 have begun a junior NCO course, developing the skills required to take leadership roles in the future, under the guidance of Sixth Form mentors. The role of the NCO and methods of teaching have been explained in Major Watt’s informative videos and we look forward to seeing this matched by the cadet’s creativity in producing lesson plans and resources in due course.

Meanwhile the development of CCF facilities, vehicles and resources continues in preparation for the reopening of the school site, ensuring an even better experience for the cadets.