Competitive Sir John Gresham Cup comes to a close

We have had a total of five rounds over five weeks of competition, with four franchises competing for the Sir John Gresham Cup.

Each franchise consisted of a rugby, hockey, football, swimming, shooting and badminton team through out all the age groups in Senior School.

All teams competed every week. First place received four points, second place received three points, third place received two points and fourth place received one point.

After the five rounds, the final scores are as follows:

The Fishmongers – 135 points

The Holt Huskies – 135 points

The Golden Grasshoppers – 130 points

The Dyson Dynamos – 113 points

It was a brilliant competition and The Fishmongers won 1st place due to having more wins than the Holt Huskies.

Our last week saw us competing in fancy dress for the Oddballs charity and a special mention must go to who supplied fancy dress accessories to the pupils.