Debating explores the positives and negatives of social media

Monday evening witnessed an outstanding first round match in Big School as Queens’ proposed and Farfield opposed the motion This House would give up the use of social media for good. Queens’ stressed the dangers posed by social media in terms of self-esteem, bullying and the damage done to other social skills whilst Farfield countered with the value of social media in a pandemic, in raising awareness of campaigns such as BLM and the ‘Me Too’ movement and the advertising opportunities that social media offers to small and emerging businesses. This was a passionate and extremely courteous debate with excellent listening skills on display and a great many perceptive points of information and it proved to be a match worthy of a final. Victory in the tie was awarded to Farfield, who join Tallis and Woodlands in the semi-finals, but Queens’ stayed in the competition and will take on Oakeley in the Wild Card competition next Monday in the final first round match.