Easter Action Camps

This Easter, we have a programme of courses led by expert coaches, performers and dancers at the top of their game.

The hotly anticipated Tennis Action Camp is back, focusing on improving players’ ability and skill, or you can learn to play futsal – the indoor variation of football everyone is talking about.  This fast-paced game gives players the opportunity to develop their technical skills, fitness and quick-thinking.

Established favourites, Football and Kwick Cricket Action Camps return, giving players a well-needed fitness boost during the long Easter holidays. Or learn how to strut your stuff and take centre stage trying out acrobatic dance at the Auden Theatre – great for building confidence in a relaxed, fun atmosphere!

Delivered in the state-of-the-art facilities of Gresham’s School, whichever courses you choose, your child will be encouraged through a sense of achievement and self-fulfilment; with milestones, wins and epic efforts loudly celebrated. Hurray!

For more information, please contact Ashton Vian, Events Administrator: 01263 714518 | avian@greshams.com

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