Farfield House assembly and games

Farfield Housemaster, Dominic Atkinson, delivered a brilliant talk to his house about making the most of the opportunities that Gresham’s has to offer.

He covered music, sport, drama and the various societies that are available for students to join. He spoke to the boys about maximising the time available to them by attending academic support sessions, using study periods to consolidate learning or to read ahead, as well as practising their various individual disciplines.

To help with team building, the assembly finished with some fun, inter-tutor group competitions:
• An egg and spoon race – using freshly laid eggs from the Farfield chickens… drop them at your peril!
• Which tutor group can estimate a 20m length without the use of a measuring tape?
• A hopping relay
• A whole house plank competition. Special mentions for Rocco, Ru, Fergus, Thomas, Mr Lowe and Mr Saker who clearly have ‘abs of steel’.

Albert W (Year 9) was awarded the Farfield Owl of the week for his ongoing kindness and compassion towards one of his peers last week.