Field Day October 2021 – Day 2

The second day of Field Day included many interesting activities for our pupils to take part in. CCF RAF took a trip to RAF Coningsby, Year 11 pupils explored our high ropes activity course and Year 10 and 11 pupils went for a walk along sunny Kelling Heath.


Pupils involved in the services programme were very busy working in the local community helping with various causes. These included gardening (digging, harvesting pumpkins, clearing weeds) at Eve’s Hill community garden; volunteering at Age concern in Sheringham and Holt Youth Project; making day for Year 6 students of Holt Primary in the Dyson building and Amnesty ‘Write for Rights’ and card making workshop.

A group of Year 13 boys spent some time landscaping at the Treehouse project in Holt. They created a mini amphitheatre which will be grassed over and used for outdoor seating. A particular thanks to Toby and Tom.

Mrs Thompson and Miss Whittle took a group of Year 12 pupils to Holt Lowes. For hundreds of years the people of Holt would take their firewood from the Lowes and keep horses/cows on it. It isn’t very rich land which is perfect for the ecosystem that evolved. Since people have stopped taking the wood, the balance has changed and if it is left, it will turn into a birch wood/gorse thicket so it is important to take the birch and pine saplings to stop this from happening.

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