First ever online debate takes place

For the first time in the recorded 121 year history of the Gresham’s Debating Society, an online debate took place. Oakeley proposed and Woodlands opposed the motion: ‘This House would rather be male than female’. The motion was released only half an hour before the debate which made the quality of proceedings even more remarkable. After a strong performance from both, victory went to Woodlands but a very strong Oakeley performance leaves them with a very strong chance of progressing to the next round.

Following on from this, the second week of debating saw a second online debate in the Year 10 and 11 Inter-House Debating Competition on the motion This House believes that small is beautiful with Queens’ proposing and Farfield opposing. This was a fast-paced and very entertaining debate which explored the beauty of oak trees, skies, electrons, boxing and cows – and much else besides. There were many excellent points of information and quick thinking from all six speakers. The fixture was won by Queens’ who performed superbly well as a team, but praise should also go to Farfield for some excellent points of information and their strong delivery.