Full STEAM ahead!

Since the start of September pupils have enjoyed a vast range of STEAM activities and there are many more to come throughout this academic year for our Senior, Prep, Pre-Prep and Nursery pupils, as well as external primary and secondary school pupils.


Activities that are ongoing:

  • Vex Robotics.
  • Electric car building and racing.
  • Painting and glass art with Chemistry.
  • Science practical skills.
  • Electronics
  • 3D Printing.
  • Lego robotics.
  • Artificial Intelligence Robotics (Pose estimation and AI cars).
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi programming.

Activities starting soon:

  • Drone building and racing.
  • Building a remote control Mars rover.
  • Sensing circuits.
  • Crest Awards.

Prep School

Pupils have been attending sessions in the Makerspace on a Saturday afternoon to build and fly a power glider in groups. They will compete to see who can build a glider that will fly the furthest from one full capacitor discharge.

Pre-Prep and Nursery

Pupils have been attending session in the Makerspace on a Friday morning. Activities have included making LED torches, making an art masterpiece with robots and dancing along to a robot song that reception pupils have learnt. STEAM Ambassadors from the senior school have been supporting this activity with vigour.


STEAM week will soon be upon us. Activities range from a paper plane competition, talks with F1 engineers to a STEAM Careers fair with over 30 businesses attending (parents are more than welcome to attend this on the Friday) and a trip to Thursford Collection and light displays. Please see below for a list of activities:

STEAM Outreach

From February 2022 we will welcome over 600 pupils from 30 local primary schools to the Dyson Building. Gresham’s staff will run a series of engaging activities with groups of pupils on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Activities will include robotics, model boat building and rocket car building. Pupils that were enthusiastic, engaged and performed well will be invited back in the summer holiday for a final competition with prizes for winning students (and T-Shirts for all!).

We have been in close communication with the James Dyson Foundation and they will soon be bringing Dyson Institute graduates to work alongside our pupils at the Senior and Prep schools. We continue to grow our community of ‘STEAM Ambassadors’ and we are also seeing some of our first students going ‘rogue’ with STEAM projects throughout the Dyson building.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr Hazelwood – [email protected].