Gresham’s Girls and Guys release new singles

Gresham’s Girls have released a single every Christmas for the past four years, the proceeds of which have gone to the School Charity of the Year.  Last year, the first compilation was released, and this year the boys decided they too wanted a share of the limelight. Thus Gresham’s Guys was born and two singles were created for 2020.

The process for recording Duran Duran’s Ordinary World and Pray by Take That started in September with rehearsals in separate year groups to comply with the bubble system. This resulted in separate recording sessions and extensive production, led by Mr Cooper, Mr Myers and Music Technology students. For the first time this year, The Young Media Leaders took it upon themselves to create accompanying music videos.

The tracks can be downloaded for free below, so please do donate to our Charity of the Year, the Treehouse.

Please click here for the Gresham’s Girls single.

Please click here for the Gresham’s Guys single. 

Please download and support the charity by clicking here to donate.