Charles raises £225.15 for Testicular Cancer Charity

Charles Addison, a Year 12 pupil, has used his own initiative to raise money for the charity Oddballs, a foundation which is used to spread awareness of Testicular Cancer. He encouraged his fellow pupils to dress up for games and donate money to the charity.

Charles, who has supported the charity for a number of years, said “it is important to spread awareness of Testicular Cancer as it is not spoken about widely enough, especially between young men.”

A virtual assembly was organised after Charles made contact with the charity, enabling them to speak directly to our pupils. Oddballs spoke about the importance of regular checking and the facts about Testicular Cancer. The next step was organising the sports tournament, which asked players of hockey, rugby, badminton, swimming and shooting to wear fancy dress whilst playing on a Saturday morning. The fancy dress retailer ‘Smiffys’ also played their part by kindly providing the pupils with fancy dress accessories.

Charles said “I am happy with the outcome and I am glad the talk was delivered as I feel it is an important subject.”