IB pupils have completed ‘time’ themed group projects

Pupils in Year 12 studying for IB completed the group 4 project in their second week of the academic year. Pupils are put into groups containing a mix of different scientific disciplines and work together to design and carry out an experiment on a given theme. The theme this year was ‘time’ and we had a variety of investigations, including how people perceive time when placed in different rooms/environments, how time taken for water to boil is affected by the addition of increasing concentrations of salt and how different materials affect the time taken for ice to melt. Once they had planned the investigation and carried it out, pupils delivered presentations to staff and their peers about what they had investigated and what they found out. Our pupils worked hard throughout the project and carried out some interesting investigations. This was an excellent opportunity for them to get to know each other as an IB cohort and all were able to benefit from the experience of working collaboratively with other pupils they did not necessarily know to reach a specified outcome. Well done to everyone involved.