Languages pupils learn about their career prospects

Our Careers and Languages departments worked together to organise a virtual presentation on ‘Why Study Arab / Middle East Studies’ for Year 12 pupils studying French, Spanish & German.

Eleanor Gao, Senior Lecturer in Middle East Politics at the University of Exeter and Admissions Tutor at the Arab and Islamic Institute, together with current undergraduate student Sumiah, delivered the presentation.

The institute is the largest in the UK and offers pupils the chance to learn new languages alongside a degree programme which suits their specific interests. Eleanor and Sumiah talked about the variety of courses offered which can be combined with History, Politics, Languages, Sociology and Anthropology.  There is also the chance to complete work placements in the Middle East.  The range of employment which graduates have gone on to includes Deputy Foreign Editor, The Independent, Senior Policy Coordinator, The Refugee Hub, Civil Service, Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and more.

This was such a superb opportunity for pupils to learn about the variety and content involved in the institute’s degree programme. They were able to understand how the degree, together with work placements, can help them to play a role in the global community.

We look forward to more combined Careers and Languages opportunities.