Little Shop of Horrors 2021

At the end of November, a student company of 66 including principals, understudies, ensemble, crew, production team and band took to the stage in a B moviesque comedy-horror Little Shop of Horrors. The show was a joy to direct and it was amazing to have a busy Auden Theatre with audiences laughing and applauding the energised and talented company. The show demands 2 major challenges to the traditional musical love story that in this case does not end happily with all principals being eaten! First the creation of 4 versions of a man-eating plant from animatronic pod to hand puppet, from body puppet to a full-scale giant puppet with two puppeteers. It also needs the off-stage voices of the puppets to be lip-synched. These challenges were resolved through amazing student and staff designers and the puppeteers and singers working closely together throughout rehearsals. The show of course would not work unless you had a talented and committed company and this year we could not have asked for more. The company were wholly invested in the show and produced performances that captured the audience and reminded us why live theatre is such a joy.

The Horror Team:


Joe O, Ruby Ann S, Josh B, Callum R, Georgie C, Julianna M, Kate W, Oliver B, Nureyn M, Will B,  Alma de R, Ben H, Sophia C, Raphael C, Solveig P, Johnny D, Rory R, Milan H, Douglas L, Noah W


Chloe-Leila G, Teagan G, Ben H – S, Toby N


Mojuba A, Freddie A, Frederick B, Hannah B, Ella B, Sebastian C, Emma C, Yssy D, Cerys D, Evie F, Emerson G, Beatrice G, Poppy G, Naomi H-S, Joey H, Henry J, Freddie L, Sophie L, Emily L,  Eleanor M, Freddie N, Sophia P, Amelia P, Jamie P, Fergus R, Harry S, Reva S, Mia W, Laura Z


Jethro H, Will J,  Robert R, Oliver T, Jethro H, Robert R


Mia B,  Kira B,  Beatrice C L, Josh K,  Jack K,  Enzo L, Libby M, Anna P-S, Johanna R, Hazel S, Finn, Linda T