Mackenzie and Esme win gold in British Biology Olympiad

Congratulations to Mackenzie W and Esme S who have both achieved gold awards in the British Biology Olympiad, organised by the Royal Society of Biology. This is an international competition for pupils studying Biology in Year 13 (and Year 12 if they wish to enter early).This year, a total of 8,476 students from 622 schools worldwide took part and were tasked with completing two tests asking challenging questions about a variety of Biology topics. Mackenzie and Esme finished in the top 5% of all participants which is an amazing result and very hard to achieve, which highlights their outstanding performance.

In addition, congratulations also to Lucy M, Oscar B, Molly G, Katherine H, Amber E K, Ella F D, Shahd A and Thomas D for achieving ‘highly commended’ for their result. Well done also to James B, Afton T, Alexander C and Pauline R for achieving a commendation.