Music resonates from the Britten Building

After a silence of more than five months it has been wonderful to hear music resonating from the teaching rooms in the Britten Building and to have live music a part of School life once again in the daily Chapel year group services. The department is delighted to welcome Thomas Carr, a recent music graduate from Oxford to the staff.  He will be involved in all aspects of music across the Gresham’s Schools and has hit the ground running – Welcome Tom!

This year the Entrustment Service to took place in Theatre in the Woods on the first day of term, complete with a sensitive performance of Count Your Blessings by Temple & Morgan from Caspar S with cellist Rachel H accompanying. The Sixth Form Chamber choir sang an Introit Taizé Chant – O Lord Hear my Prayer and Mozart’s Ave Verum.

Whilst not being able to mix bubbles has restricted the usual ensembles, a Sixth Form Chamber Choir and rehearsals with ‘Gresham’s Girls’ and ‘Gresham’s Guys’ are underway. The popular music of ‘Queen’ echoes around the Auden and Britten Building at various times of the week as pupils rehearse for this term’s Musical We Will Rock You.

Music lessons have started with all lessons taking place in School. The Britten Building is well equipped with screens and the necessary cleaning equipment to ensure all pupils and staff can safely enjoy these lessons. It is not too late for new pupils who have not yet signed up to music lessons to start. They should contact Mrs Ross, Music Administrator, [email protected].

An exciting addition to the Services programme is the Young Media Leaders initiative. Open to Sixth Form this allows them the opportunity to work on real media projects in School and the local community making the most of online skills learned during lockdown and the fantastic resource the School has in the Strathmore Studio.