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Academic Success in the Biology Olympiad

Students from Gresham’s competed in this year’s the Biology Olympiad, organised by the Royal Society of Biology. This is an international competition involving students having to answer some very challenging questions on a vast range of Biology topics. Many congratulations to Charlotte Moulton, Paige Broadhurst and Will Shaw who all obtained commendations for their entries, finishing in the top 66% of those who entered. In addition, Isabella Rathleff, Isobel Pallister and Luke Nash were given high commendations for finishing in the top 47%, whilst Bettina Zur Muehlen, Fenella Henderson-Chia and Garris Kranz all achieved a bronze certificate and medal for finishing in the top 30%. What makes their achievements even more impressive is that the Olympiad is aimed at students in Year 13 and Charlotte, Paige, Isabella, Isobel, Luke, Fenella and Garris (who are in Year 12) all entered a year early. Well done to these students and to everyone involved who gave up their time to complete the two challenging exams required for this competition.