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Election fever is gripping Gresham’s School

Election fever is gripping Gresham’s School as we carry out our fifth mock general election since 2005.

There are seven candidates seeking to be Gresham’s MP 2019. Gresham’s is a swing seat with an unpredictable electorate. In 2005 the seat went to the Conservatives but in 2010 Gresham’s bucked the national trend and voted Labour. In 2015 the Gresham’s constituency reverted to the Conservatives before swinging dramatically to the Green Party in 2017.

The seven candidates seeking election have each been given two minutes to address the School in Chapel and set out their beliefs and policies. The candidates standing for election in 2019 are:

Georgie Clarke – Women’s Equality Party
Andrew Kinder – Labour Party
Joe Nash – Conservative Party
Luke Nash – Socialist Labour Party
Joe Oxtoby – Liberal Democratic Party
Tom Sankey – The Green Party
Peter Westmore – The Brexit Party

Gresham’s mock election poll takes place on Thursday 5th December. We hope to beat the 80% turnout achieved in 2015 and 2017. The results are due to be announced on Friday 6th December.