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Farfield; from Rio to Tokyo

Farfield are undertaking a year-long challenge to travel the distance from Rio in Brazil to Tokyo in Japan. This is to celebrate the Olympic Movement and will involve a number of challenges across the School year.

In October they hosted a “Rio Carnival Party” in the Common Room to celebrate the first stop on their journey. The Common Room was transformed to resemble Rio with themed food and games in the evening. This term the boys cycled on exercise bikes the distance between Rio and Panama on their first leg of the route. This is 5,000km over the plains of Brazil before heading into the Andes and finishing at Panama. On Thursday 26th November the 78 boys swam 3,365 lengths of the school pool, the equivalent of the length of the Panama Canal. On the same day after getting up at 6am they climbed the equivalent of Mt Aconcagua – 6,900m which is 2,400 flights of stairs. They then hosted an American Wild West Evening to celebrate moving into North America.

After Christmas they will row the equivalent of the Atlantic Ocean on the rowing machine and then travel across Northern Africa, through the Suez Canal (another 119km swim) and then onto the sub-continent, past Everest, across China and into Tokyo in time for May! Along the way they’re hosting themed evenings, trying their hand at different Olympic Events and also trying to climb the 7 highest peaks on each continent by climbing the Farfield staircases non-stop.

Progress can be followed at their House Twitter page