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National Poetry Day at the Pre-Prep

Pre-Prep children had fun celebrating National Poetry day. Each year group chose different poems to focus on for the day. The children had a chance to listen to poems, perform poems and respond to poems through drama, dance and music.

Year 2 learnt the poem Splish, Splash, Splosh by James Carter. They worked in pairs to learn a verse and come up with actions, then performed it as a class to their peers. In their dance lesson they acted out the verses in the poem Full of Surprises by Paul Cookson. There were some great “tigers roaring” and “eagles flying”!

Year 1 thought about their senses whilst responding to poem Windy Ways, by Judith Nicholls. They linked it to their own experiences of windy days in autumn and winter.

Reception had great fun perfecting their animal moves through the poem All Change by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt.

Nursery immersed themselves in Nursery Rhymes for the day, enjoying one of their favourites, Horsey Horsey, in their drama and dance lesson.