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‘Question Time’ for Parliament Week 2019

On Thursday 7th November a panel of staff and pupils fielded unseen questions from students of all year groups as part of Gresham’s participation in UK Parliament Week 2019.

Questions ranged across topics as diverse as the UK’s reputation in the world post-Brexit, attitudes towards Donald Trump, which party the panellists would most fear being in charge of Britain, the consequences of Brexit for Britain and the EU, and whether a second referendum was a good idea. The panellists consisted of Dr Richardson and Mr Shortman and four of the six candidates standing in Gresham’s mock election: Georgie Clarke (Women’s Equality Party),  Joe Nash (Conservative Party), Luke Nash (Socialist Labour Party) and Tom Sankey (Green Party). Also standing in the election are Andrew Kinder (Labour Party) and  Joe Oxtoby (Liberal Democratic Party).