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Rifle Club Versus Old Boys


The Rifle Club returned back to School early, at the end of half term, in order to take on the Old Boys in a friendly small-bore match at Winfarthing, near Diss.  This is another interesting range for the young people to shoot on as it is located on a pig farm and, although the firing point is covered, the rest of the range is open to the elements.  If you can handle the ‘rural’ smells that come with shooting on a farm, then the range is not a bad one to experience.

The Old Boys managed to scrape together a team of seven and were ably boosted to a team of eight when Mrs Liberman joined their ranks.  The School team was again hit by unforeseen circumstances, but still just managed to produce a team of eight.

Being a working farm we should not have been surprised to see a group of chickens happily walking across the range when the order to start shooting was given.  The chickens soon moved on after the first few shots went down the range!  No chickens were harmed during the course of the match!


It was not a particularly high scoring match, with both teams enjoying the social occasion rather than worrying too much about the shooting side of things. Jon Cracknell, as always, gave a top level performance and shot the top score for the day of 195 / 200.  He was closely followed by the OGs top shot of Tim Webster (T 1963-69) with a score of 194. Gresham’s eventually won the match with 1,492 points to the Old Boys score of 1,479 points.

Thanks must go to all involved for making the day such a success.

Team: C. Carratu (B), B. Chamberlain (T), C. Chan (F), J. Cracknell (W), W. Cubitt (H), T. Little (W), T. Shalom (F), R. Tancred (F).

OGs: M. Firman, J. Mitchell, J. Purdy, P. Rose, T. Webster, D. Williams, G. Williams.