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Charity of the Year

This year a Gresham’s charity committee has been launched to create an opportunity for the student body to take ownership of the chosen whole school charity, the methods for raising money and for promoting the work that is being done.  The group meet each Friday and currently consists of Amy Garrod (E), Emmi Lehner (E), Luke Nash (W), Fenella Henderson-Chia (Q), Chiara Balestra (Q), Marlene Freudenberg (Q), Luca Frielinghaus (O), Charlotte Hoeschel (O) and Lena Schuerhoff (O).

At the end of the summer term, each house suggested a number of charities that they thought should be considered as the whole school charity.  The committee shortlisted these to local charities and then created an opportunity for each student in the senior school to vote on their favourite.  473 votes were recorded and it was decided that the school would like to support The People’s Picnic this year.

The People’s Picnic are a 100% non-profit grass-roots movement who seek to provide wholesome home-cooked meals, clothing and other essential items for the homeless, hungry and vulnerable of Norwich.  On Saturday 16th November we were very fortune to welcome Kate Nicol and her mum Jacqui to Chapel.  Kate spoke to the school about the growing number of homeless in Norwich and the work that The People’s Picnic do to support this vulnerable community.  She also spoke about how the money that we raise could be used to ensure that food and essential items are provided with greater efficiency.  For more details on The People’s Picnic, please visit their Twitter account @kcpeoplespicnic or their Facebook page @thepeoplespicnicnorwich.  The charity committee have set the school the challenge of raising £10,000 for The People’s Picnic this year and are well on their way to achieving this having already secured the best part of £3000 this term alone.

There are a number of fundraising initiatives in the pipeline, the most high profile of which is the Gresham’s Cookbook which many of you have so kindly donated recipes to.  The committee are working very hard to ensure that this is printed in time for Christmas and will cost £10.  You can pre-order now by emailing the charity committee ( or you will be able to pick up a copy at the FOGS Christmas Fayre on the 2nd December.  In addition to this, there will be a Pizza night in TIG’s towards the end of this term and of course the return of The Gritty Grasshopper next term.


Keep checking the Gresham’s school Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages for Charity updates.

Tom Burnett

Head of Charities and Services