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Chinese cultural experience

Year 9 Mandarin Chinese learners experienced a special Chinese culture this term – ink blowing painting.

 Ink blowing painting is a modern creative technique in traditional Chinese ink painting. There is no need for a brush, instead ink is dropped on paper and either your mouth or a straw is used to blow it into a shape, fingers or cotton buds are then used to add colours to complete the painting.

Two Year 9 classes painted one of the most typical plants in Chinese painting – plum blossoms. After Mr Chen introduced the symbolism of Chinese ink painting and plum blossom in Chinese culture, he explained the techniques and tools needed for this task and demonstrated the steps in the creative process. Students were very keen when it was their turn to start painting.  As soon as Mr Chen dripped ink onto their paper, students started to blow the plum branches and added yellow and red paint with a cotton bud to create the blossom.  Looking at their own work, students were fulfilled with a sense of accomplishment. Look at their beautiful smiles!