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Farmyard art at Prep School

The results of the eagerly awaited Gresham’s Prep School Inter-House Art Competition have been announced!  This year’s theme was farmyard animals and the fantastic selection of livestock have been on display in the entrance to the Butterwick Centre at the Prep School.

Judging the competition and choosing best in show was a very difficult task as the standard was high and there was a huge range of 3D and 2D birds, beasts and even whole farmyards.


Year 3
1st May Davies
2nd Alice Green & Erin O’Donnell
3rd Phoebe Betts
Highly Commended: Edie Curtis & James Browne

Year 4
1st Freddy Rash & Chloe Kydd
2nd Hetty Holden & Jemima Morgan-Evans
3rd Hermione Iles
Highly Commended: Dan Lawrence & Izzy Delahaye

Year 5
1st Inez Clarke
2nd Monty Rolfe & Lydia Bulwer-Long
3rd Felix Lazell
Highly Commended: Freddie Betts

Year 6
1st Anna Paynter
2nd Louis Horseman Carpenter
3rd Hazel Simpson
Highly Commended: Guy Savory

Year  7
1st Jethro Holmes
2nd Grace Hare & Izzy Morgan-Evans
3rd Izzy Botley
Highly Commended: Hattie Reynolds, Alana Eke & Catarina Edwards

Year 8
1st Jasmin Taylor-Riches
2nd Pink Tongyai & Dally Armstrong
3rd Hector Robb
Highly Commended: Sophia Wedgwood & Jack Bernardin

Junior House Art 
Winners Borrow
2nd Woodforde
3rd Reith

Senior House Art
Winners Borrow
2nd Reith
3ed Woodforde