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Gresham’s Hodgkin Society presents

L to R Joachim, Lucy and Archie

The Hodgkin Society kicked off early this term with talks from pupils to a full room.

Archie Hoo (F) discussed a cervical cancer cell line called Hela cells, their scientific and medical uses, and how their ethically controversial sourcing led to greater transparency with human tissue sampling following his studies of this over the summer.

Lucy Baar (O) discussed the influenza virus, how it has caused global pandemics, vaccinations and efforts to deal with it, having studied it in recent months through a Futurelearn course.

Joachim Greene (F) will be Secretary of the Hodgkin Society this year.

The Hodgkin Society is named after Alan Hodgkin, a former pupil and Nobel Prize Winner.  The Hodgkin Society is a pupil-centred society, where pupils are encouraged to do presentations of whatever format they wish to enrich their peers’ understanding, interest and knowledge of biologically-related matters. Staff and outside speakers also do talks. It is run by the society secretary and is open to all pupils.

The pupils conducted themselves with confidence and professionalism and it was great to see the Society get off to a lively start. We look forward to many more meetings throughout the year.