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Prep School Cricket Festival

Gresham’s Prep held its annual Super 8s Cricket Festival at the school on Sunday 10th June. The Festival is run every year for U11 children to come and use the school’s fantastic sports facilities in a fun and friendly environment.

This year, for the first time, Gresham’s entered a girls’ team, Gresham’s Gladiators, to compete against the boys teams from Gresham’s Prep, Great Melton Cricket Club, Horsford Cricket Club, Langley Prep and Bradfield Cricket Club. With a number of Gresham’s girls’ cricket teams now competing against other schools, it was great to see some of them in action!

Throughout the day, there were refreshments and a barbeque available for parents in the newly opened Brearley Room and we were blessed with beautiful weather which allowed the children to play uninterrupted all day. Congratulations to all the teams who took part and to their supporters who helped to create a great atmosphere with lots of encouragement for all the players.

The day culminated with an awards presentation where every player was presented with a certificate and each team coach was asked to nominate their ‘Most Valuable Player’ of the festival to receive a prize. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and we look forward to hosting this very popular event again in the future.

Perhaps, next year we may even see more girls’ teams taking part?

Video of Prep boys team v Gresham’s Gladiators (girls team)