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Prep School Inter-House Science Challenge 2017

Prep School has hosted its annual Inter Science Challenge with teams of four from each house competing for the top spot.

The pupils were judged on their teamwork as well as their scientific skills and ideas.

Year 4 pupils used their knowledge of forces to build a parachute that could safely land with an egg on board, without cracking the egg. This theme was extended for Year 5 pupils, who were set a ‘Soaring Eagle’ task, in which they had to use their knowledge of resistance and forces to design and build a bird that would remain airborne for the longest amount of time.

The task for Year 6 pupils involved constructing water filters from scratch and making the cleanest sample of water. Year 7 pupils rose to the challenge of working as forensic scientists to solve a crime by testing samples and looking for particular chemical substances. Year 8 pupils were required to take on an engineering challenge and build structures of particular specifications that could support Lego figures.

It was a fantastic week with all participants working extremely hard. Well done to all who to part and congratulations to the winning houses, Woodforde (for the Juniors) and Reith who won first place overall in the Senior competition.