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Sweet Charity

Recipe for success:

Take 7 weeks rehearsal, 1 very colourful pop art set, constantly changing looks from ultra cool beatnik blacks, to 60’s chic, the flowing patterns of the Rhythm of Life, the black and red of orchestra’s brass bands and majorettes and the sequinned sparkle and bling of the Fandango!

Take a seasoned cast and add a very talented group of 15 principals, acting, dancing and singing their way through a truly funny and bittersweet script, a phenomenal score and some exceptionally challenging and visually exciting choreography.

Mix with a wholly committed, hardworking ensemble to create a cast of 46.

Bring in a crew of 11, add a band of 12 to play the dynamic score of 14 great songs

Turn out on 3 nights in November and you have a run of 3 great shows from 1 amazing company.

Congratulations to all those involved in Sweet Charity on and off the stage!