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The Prep is alive with the Sound of Music

Our musicians have been very busy this term working towards Music exams, the House Music Instrumental Competition, and our two Informal Concerts which were both a great success. The Senior concert was held in Chapel and the wealth of talent was breath-taking. Featuring Jiminies (with choreography), Wind Ensemble, Clarinet Quartet, various vocal duets and many excellent solo performances the audience was treated to an evening of variety ranging from Baroque keyboard music to modern day musicals. Not to be outdone, the Year 3 and 4 concert was equally varied and it was very rewarding to see our youngest musicians take to the stage with such confidence and poise. The group items performed by Junior Chamber Ensemble, String Quartet and Grasshopper Choir were particularly entertaining and the range of solo and duet performances were all well executed and  greeted with enthusiastic applause from the audience. Well done to all the performers, your hard work is very much noticed and appreciated.