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The Witches come to life at Prep

Prep School pupils have thrilled audiences with their take on David Woods’ stage version of ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl.

Grandma, (Ruby Spiegel) as a witch-spotting, warm hearted matriarch, hatches a plan to give the creepy witches a dose of their own medicine, after her grandson (Leo Kemp/Larkin Armstrong) and his friend, Bruno, (Arthur Wilcox/Ben Rankin) are transformed into mice by their poison!

The creepy High Witch (Will Braithwaite and Max McEwan) and her team, based in a hotel in Cromer for their AGM are eventually foiled to restore warmth and optimism.

It was a huge cast, so plenty of dancing, from the Paso Doble, to Jive and the Charleston, allowed all pupils the chance to shine and take centre stage at some point. Comedy moments from the chefs in the kitchen, as well as the mice in their puppetry roles also gave variety and depth to the three evening performances.

Roald Dahl continues to offer schoolchildren and adults the opportunity to escape reality and suspend disbelief and this show did everything to ensure everyone was able to do just that!