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Year 8 pupils take up teaching

Year 8 Prep School pupils have taken on the role of teacher as part of their post-scholarship programme.

The pupils have taken a turn at teaching a Year 3 English class where they have been reading ‘The Egg’ by M P Robertson.  The ‘teachers’ got creative and sent their charges off on a hunt for a mysterious egg spotted in the Prep School grounds.  After finding the egg, the Year 3 pupils worked with guidance from their teachers to predict what the dragon hatching from the egg would look like, and what sort of dragon it would be.

Lots of creative fun followed as the group made paper dragon planes, and took them outside for a flying lesson, then made freeze frames of different ways a dragon might distress a damsel for a lesson on ‘how to distress your damsel’.  The children headed to the Science Laboratory for a fire-breathing lesson, where the Year 3 pupils were thrilled to see the coloured fire. The final session in the teachers’ programme will be to introduce their charges to Dragon-ese!