Nursery and Pre-Prep reaps the rewards of the facilities, staffing, resources and equipment of all three schools but still has a dedicated team with our own Headmistress, Deputy, Head of Key stages and full time SENCO. This ensures that no child goes unnoticed or unsupported.

Our generous staff:pupil ratio allows Nursery and Pre-Prep staff the opportunity to understand each individual child well. A low pupil:teacher ratio guarantees that your child gets the attention and support they need to achieve their highest potential.

Experience of staff is vital to your child’s education. All staff in Nursery and Pre-Prep are dedicated and qualified for working with a specific age, they know child development thoroughly and can support children through a vital stage of their learning.

Specialist teachers

On Thursday staff from Gresham’s Prep and Senior School embark on a specialist afternoon at Nursery and Pre-Prep.

All children from Nursery to Year 2 receive a language lesson (alternating annually between French/ Spanish and German), additionally, Year 2 children have a weekly Mandarin lesson.  All children enjoy an ICT lesson with the Head of ICT from the Prep School. Katie Edwards (also from the Prep School) teaches dance and drama lessons.

All children receive two music lessons per week. One lesson is dedicated to learning an instrument and one to singing.