Assemblies takes place regularly throughout the week at the Pre-Prep and these help the children to feel part of the Gresham’s community.

Themes for assemblies promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  During assemblies we provide pupils with knowledge of, and insights into, values and beliefs which will help them to be responsible, caring citizens, with an understanding of their rights and responsibilities.  Whilst there is a strong emphasis on the Christian ethos of the school we also give the opportunity to hear about and understand the traditions and beliefs of other faiths, which we hope will foster a growing appreciation of other beliefs and cultures and encourage tolerance and understanding.

“The pupils’ social skills are very well developed. They are polite and well mannered, respect others and look for the good in people.”

independent schools inspectorate report 2016

Assemblies also give opportunities to reward individuals for good behaviour, effort and achievements in music and sport.

Sometimes assemblies will be used to put on shows or performances by the pupils to parents and friends or as an opportunity to deliver talks or presentations to the children about a variety of cultural or social topics from visiting speakers or the members of the wider Gresham’s community.