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Work Experience and Mentoring

Relevant work experience can be very valuable to our current pupils at Gresham’s, in helping them to make decisions about their future careers or to show commitment to a particular career path when preparing personal statements and applications.

Our Careers Department, Gresham’s Futures, is keen to support pupils in arranging suitable placements during the School holidays.  Similarly, we would be very keen to hear from you if you are able to offer mentoring or advice, perhaps remotely by phone or email, to students interested in ‘following in your footsteps’ – either in your chosen career or perhaps in terms of a Gap Year experience.

Please do get in touch with any comments, suggestions, contacts and offers of help in any area.

Visiting Speaker Schedule

Gresham’s Futures also co-ordinates a schedule of Speakers who are prepared to give talks to students, of all ages, about their own career paths.  We would love to welcome you back to school if you would be happy to come in and deliver a short talk.

Please contact Gresham’s Futures. More information can be found on the School website.