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‘Small Grants to Enhance’ from the Gresham’s Foundation

‘Small Grants to Enhance’ is one of the Foundation’s initiatives intended to help projects, which fall outside of School budgets, which add to a Gresham’s pupil’s educational experience.

Every six months the funds are distributed and applications invited from members of Gresham’s staff.  This year, its eighth year, ‘Small Grants to Enhance’ received a record number of applications. They were all engaging and innovative, and these were the successful initiatives.

Recent Awards

Sarah Hollingsworth Pre-Prep STEM STEM
STEM development (Indoors and outdoors) which will focus is on KS1 and early years.
Peter Laycock Prep DT 3D PRINTING PENS
Set of 20 which an entire class can use from Year 4 upward. This will enhance a huge variety of DT related activities.
Updating ‘Scruff’ Studio facilities. This will benefit GCSE drama pupils, and Upper Sixth performances.
This project will be aimed at all students across the Senior School but we will invite Prep students to use the equipment during Open and Taster Days. The successful robots may be invited with their creators to the largest completion in the world in Tallinn.

On the back of the record number of innovative applications the Development Office will soon be creating a WISH LIST to be put up on the Gresham’s website for potential donors who may like to sponsor a project at the School.  Unsuccessful applicants were asked if they would like their project to appear on the WISH LIST.

Rob Hazelwood’s Robotics featured in the March newsletter, this time we are focusing on how ‘Small Grants to Enhance’ has helped Bridget O’Brien and the Drama Department

The ‘Small Grants to Enhance’ have revolutionised Scruff Shacks Studio with a new projector, which works alongside the theatre lights allowing for more dynamic presentations. New, higher quality and more reliable speakers have replaced the old allowing performances to run smoothly as well as being portable which make for more flexible usage of the space.

The four SM58 microphones are an invaluable asset for informal events, performances and presentations. All the new equipment can be moved and re-rigged with relative ease, (in the right hands), meaning that the theatre department can support events in other venues and spaces on campus. The rock concert is undoubtedly going to benefit, but note it will not be the first as The History Boys takes to the stage in the first week of June.

The image is of our Year 13 A’ level class during their final lesson together ending our study of the commedia dell’arte in true clown style.