Our Careers and Languages Departments delivered a joint event with ‘This is Language’ guest speaker

Our Careers and Languages Departments collaborated to deliver a Careers in Languages event to Year 11 and Year 9 pupils. The guest speaker was George Van Den Bergh, CEO & founder of ‘This is Language’ website, which all Gresham’s pupils have access to. He gave an inspirational talk about the entrepreneurial & communication skills that studying Languages provides. George spoke about the variety of job roles he has worked in worldwide, from teaching to being a chef, to investment banking, to technology, all of which were enabled thanks to his language skills.

Pupils enjoyed further talks from our Languages teachers, which covered​ their Language pathways together with speakers from engineering, construction, art history, sport, gap year programmes and travel opportunities. It was a fantastic showcase of all the opportunities Languages have given them.

This was a superb inspiration event, which linked Careers and Languages.